Wally Olins. Brand New.

I worked with Wally Olins for more than 20 years. I met him in 1993 when I joined Wolff Olins and we remained good friends until his death in April 2014. I was blessed to spend the last year of his life working closely with him on the design and content of his final book 'Brand New'. I also cherish that fact that I was invited by Courier Magazine to take part in an ‘In Conversation’ interview with Wally. He was as thrilled they'd asked me as I was – it turned out to be the last interview he gave, and the last time I ever saw him. At the age of 83 he was just as feisty and sharp as he'd ever been. He taught me so much and I miss him dearly. Rest well Wally. You earned it.

When: 2014 Where: DCD
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