LEON is a different kind of fast food chain – they make fast food that tastes great and does you good. I worked with founders John Vincent, Henry Dimbleby and Allegra McEvedy to develop LEON's 'undesigned' look. Creating fascia and signage principles which allow LEON its eclectic character, but also allow it to function as a coherent and recognisable brand, was like playing 'graphic twister’. It took me far out of my ‘consistent visual expression’ comfort zone. I also worked with LEON and the very talented Mr Jason Lowe to create a photographic language which makes the food look good without compromising the integrity of the brand, or falling into the fast food vernacular. The style we developed has been copied by many of LEON’s competitors,but never bettered. Highest form of flattery and all that… Leon is the future of fast food.

When: 2008–2010 Where: DCD
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