Hailo was the black cab app – it was a fantastic way to hail and be hailed in London, Dublin and Tokyo, amongst other cities around the world. When we were approached by founders Jay Bregman & Ron Zeghibe, they had plans to create a taxi hailing app called Cabitnow, but because of legal restrictions in a number of the territories they were looking to launch, they asked us to come up with a name and visual identity that spoke clearly to cabbies and punters alike, without referring to cabs or taxis. Hailo was born from the idea of ‘Taxi Heaven’. The name and mark are simply an expression of that idea. Hailo is a case study in business management for many reasons – there was a time when it felt like every other cab in London was branded HAILO. Things changed, but Niklas Zennstrom and Sir Richard Branson liked the idea enough to invest in it, and Jay and Ron gave us the opportunity to create a brand that we’re still very proud of. Hailo was bought by Daimler in 2016, and the brand migrated to ‘MyTaxi’.

When: 2010 Where: DCD with LittleBigFish

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