Grolsch has always been a well known brand, but when we began working togther, their story had become unfocussed and unclear. As a result of the work I did on the Peroni brand, SAB Miller asked us to help define, articulate and clarify the truth behind the Grolsch brand too, and in doing so, make sense of the much loved, but very expensive to produce Swingtop bottle. Grolsch said they couldn't afford their iconic bottle. We said they couldn't afford to be without it. ‘Unconventional by Tradition Since 1615’ is the idea. A truth that stretches all the way back to their unconventional beginnings 400 years ago. In the same way that Peroni had always been Italian, it turns out Grolsch had always been unconventional. The history of the brand is fascinating stuff, and their unique two hop recipe is just as remarkable as the bottle. The ‘Two Hops and a Swingtop’ icon along with the new sign off are clear reminders of where Grolsch came from, and where it’s going. This new iconography began to appear on everything from packaging to advertising worldwide from early 2016.

When: 2015-16 Where: DCD with LittleBigFish
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